Do you have an exclusively traditional mindset or expectations of what a christian gathering is or should be like? You are definitely in for a surprise with this event. If there's one attribute of Christ that describes Christian Youths and Young Adults, it is creativity. By default, we think outside the box. We are never held bound by tradition. We are careful not be guilty of Mark 7:13. We let the Holy Spirit lead us.


Do you know there is a way to know Jesus? Do you know that you can follow Jesus at every turn of your life and rely on Him completely? At Camp 2021, we are exploring these issues! Do you know there is an eternal purpose for your life? Do you know that any time spent living outside that purpose is a waste? "The Way Home” youth camp is  designed to help you discover a beautiful relationship with Jesus, understand your role in God's great plan and empower you to pursue this purpose. There is a special way God has made each one of us and He wants you to know His Way for you brings you home. The sessions at the camp have been designed to boost your strive for the Lord and help you to live as the light of the World! The content of the camp includes following topics:

  • Lifestyle of faith,
  • Your gifts and calling
  • Your role in church
  • Evangelism
  • Fashion Show
  • Bonfire


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Venue: Kavalahti camp center, Björnvikintie 109,
10230 Inkoon as.

Date: Friday 17th November - Sunday 19th November

Time: Friday 17:00 - Sunday 14:00

Registration Fee

€60.00 - including accommodation, meals at the camp, a camp shirt (hoodie extra 10 euros), transportation to the camp and back from Espoo, Tampere and Turku