1. No camper will be permitted to leave the campground without permission from the Camp Director.

2. Conduct and speech exhibited at camp must be in keeping with Christian principles.

3. The use of alcohol, or tobacco products of any kind are absolutely forbidden.

4. Clothing worn at camp shall be in accordance with modest Christian attire. The camp director and staff can and will decide if the clothing is appropriate. Campers may be asked to change their clothes if they are deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate items include spaghetti straps or singlets (for the guys), mid-riff/belly shirts, backless and strapless tops, cheer leading shorts, baggy/sagging trousers showing boxers. A rule of thumb is that all shorts should come below your fingertips when your arms are resting at your side. Skirts and dresses must be knee length.

5. Clothing that is offensive or advertises alcoholic beverages, drinking establishments, tobacco.

6. Undue visitation to rooms allocated to persons of opposite sex is forbidden.

7. All phone calls (incoming and outgoing) will be limited to break periods. Only emergency phone calls approved by a a camp official will be accepted.

8. Every camper is to obey and respect the camp leaders.

9. Participations at sermons, seminars and services are compulsory. Staying at the accommodation is allowed only for special reasons approved by camp officials.All camp rules will be enforced. The camp director retains the right to send any camper home who refuses to adhere to camp rules!